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Vincent Cheung

I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks to Dr.A.Chong for the treatment and care I received from him and his entire staff.
I had a fractured ankle treatment-surgery on August 6, 2014. Dr.Chong took the time to explain, listen to my concern and keep me informed. I can truly say that on the day of surgery, I faced it positively, confidently and trusted I was in good hands. Dr.Chong, your professionalism and compassion shown to me during that time was greatly appreciated. Everyone at your office is nice, helpful and reassuring. Thanks again to all of you for making my difficult times easier!

Jeanne O

Dr Chong was very helpful and kind regarding my shoulder pain and after 9 sessions of Physical Therapy he said I was 75-80% improved. So I won't have to get a cortisone shot or have surgery. Thanks for the time coming to Rancho Cucamonga office which was clean and cheerful.


I am a senior masters skier and race-walker and when I carelessly tripped over a curb onto my R knee and fractured the patella, I knew I wanted to find a physician who could help me continue with these sports. Dr Chong has been very helpful in these first weeks of recovery - he explained his diagnosis and the treatment options carefully. We choose to go with a full leg brace for 5/6 weeks,which he and his therapist David recommended and secured.
I'll see Dr Chong again in 4 weeks with another X Ray to assess progress. I'm happy to not have surgery or a cast and hope of recovery.
On other web pages this front office team has had some low evaluations, however they served me efficiently and well. Phil in Claremont

MaryAnn Muster

I want to thank you Dr. Chong for making me feel so wonderful again. The total hip replacement you did on August 31, 2011 and the physical therapy I am receiving now have made me feel like a new women at age 69. I was so worried about having the surgery, but you made me feel so comfortable and you did a great job. I am glad I went to Pomona Valley Hospital as well. I always feel comfortable when I come to your office. Your staff is very pleasant and so are you. Thank you so very much. See you at the 1 year check-up. Have a wonderful Holiday!

Johnny Wallace

Dr Chong performed knee replacement surgery on me in Febrary 2010. I am extremely pleased with Dr Chong, he is a compassionate and extremely competent surgeon. His staff took excellent care of me at me post op visits (esp. Clara who is a very helpful and very competent young nurse). I would like to thank you all especially my good doctor and friend, Dr Chong.

See you at my 1 year check up, everything is fine a month 2.

Big Johnny Wallace

Ronald J. H

I want to express my sincere thanks to Dr. Lercel and his staff for the extrodinary treatment and care they provided me. Dr Lercel is very kind, professional and reassuring. I knew from the very beginning that I was in the capable hands of a skilled orthopedic doctor. He was patent and fully explained each and every step of my treatment and recovery. My Broken leg surgery which required screws into the bone went off without a hitch. I am nearing the end of my recovery and ready to be transitioned out of a cast and into a walking boot. I have recieved extrodianry medical care all the way through and have had zero complications. I feel so blessed to have found Dr Lercel and am on my way to full and complete recovery. Him and his staff are the very best!!! My sincere gratitude and thanks to all of you!!!

Kenneth P.

Albert Chong of the Southern California Orthopaedic Center is hands down the best orthopedic surgeon in southern California. Following a quick e-mail exchange with his office I was able to arrange a doctor's visit via e-mail and filled out my patient's form on-line. By the time I arrived at his office, I was provided A list service. He evaluated my hyper extended knee which had bothered me for four months and had caused me to walk with a limp, and made an assessment that I needed an MRI. He obtained approval from my insurance within an hour. Soon after his assessment he recommended a cost effective MRI facility near his office, and was able to coordinate an MRI the same morning I came in. Before noon he assessed my MRI and determined that it was a case of severe atrophy due to over compensation and recommended physical therapy. I highly recommend Albert Chong. He is a consummate professional and has a genuine love and care for his patients.
Kenneth P.

Cherryl C.

With a repaired knee and two new hips I feel like a new woman! I am grateful to Dr. Chong and Dr. Lercel. Thanks to their skill the rest of my life will be much richer! As a patient, I also appreciated the kindness and care of the staff. A visit is always a pleasant and positive experience. Soooo to each of you THANK YOU so much for all you do... you do it so well! Keep up the great work!

Juanita L.

The care and concern I received from Dr. Lercel was wonderful. He really cared about me as a person both before and after surgery. And my knee replacement is wonderful.

Martin A.

Having to undergo any surgery can be a scary and nerve-wracking experience. When I first discovered that I would need knee surgery (meniscus transplant), I had so many questions and felt that no doctor would take their time to answer them all. Dr. Chong not only took his time to answer all my questions but he truly cares about his patients and has heart and passion for his work. Throughout the entire procedure, Dr. Chong was phenomenal. It has now been 9 months since my surgery and I am doing many of the things I loved pre-surgery including running and biking.

Marlene K.

I was pleased with everything. At my first meeting with Dr. Gupta, I felt confident in proceeding with the procedure and have been more than pleased with the care. The staff was also pleasant and caring.